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#14 Hiding His Word In my Heart – New Initiative

Hiding His Word In my heart 7 week Initiative

In this current season at Come Closer we are looking at the Armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) and the fullness of what God has given us. As we haven’t posted a blog for a while, we’ll aim to create a few catch up blogs on the subject over the coming month, to keep things in step.

First though, we want to share with you a special initiative taking place from Easter to Pentecost.

As we look at the Belt of Truth in Ephesians 6 v 14 we are reminded of the need for Truth in our lives.

In the world we live in, with its noise and distractions, we need to know God’s Truth (with a capital ‘T’). His Word is Truth. It gives life, direction, correction, hope and strength. Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones in his writings about the belt of Truth, says this about God’s Word:

So with that in mind we are challenging ourselves to Hide God’s word in our Hearts through memorising scripture!

On Easter Sunday we are launching a simple new memory initiative. The idea is to focus on 7 scriptures to memorise across the 7 weeks leading up to Pentecost Sunday.

On each Sunday we will launch a new scripture and provide you with cue cards to print out at home. They’ll be some larger cue cards to have in view around the house, and a smaller one, so you can pop it in your purse/handbag/pocket and take it with you wherever you go. Our new initiative is called #HidingHisWordinmyheart.

We’d really encourage you to use your memory muscle and allow God’s word to be imprinted on your heart. Why not join with a friend and do this together? You could practice with one another.

So why spend time doing this? Well here are 12 reasons in no particular order:

  1. We want to fasten God’s word – His Truth – around us.
  2. Truth is our core support, which strengthens and holds us.
  3. Jesus used scripture against the enemy in the wilderness.
  4. Jesus would have known scripture by heart, having been taught it as a child. As His disciples, that’s a good reason to follow His lead.
  5. To stand on the authority of God’s word we need to know it.
  6. The Holy Spirit brings back to remembrance scripture as we walk through various seasons in life.
  7. We need to know scripture to guard our hearts and minds.
  8. We need to know scripture to not get side-tracked by false teachings.
  9. It’s good to flex our memory muscles and not rely on the internet or Apps to know scripture.
  10. We need His word to not simply know it but to act on it. As we memorise scripture, we can allow it to take root in our lives.
  11. We can anchor scripture in prayer.
  12. We need to allow scripture to renew our minds.

We could add more, but think the above is a start. So, for the following 7 Sundays we will send out a new blog each week with all the information you need to memorise a portion of scripture.

Our hope is that God’s word would not only be head knowledge, but we would intentionally allow it to change our hearts and actions. James 1: 22-25 says:

So, we will send out a blog with the new scriptures each Sunday so you can keep up to date. Alternatively, go to our website and complete the pop-up mailing form, to be added to our mailing list.

Let’s lift our shields of Faith, and appropriate God’s word as we walk ahead, clothed in His Armour, guarding our hearts and minds. Let’s ensure that love is our clear motivation. Not love in our own strength, but by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives as we declare the good news we have been entrusted with.

Let’s journey this together in the knowledge we are women beloved and anointed by the Most High King.

Love Emma and all the Come Closer team

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