Our Values…

Come Closer seeks to:

Encourage generations of women to advance closer to God in their daily lives.
Share the message of love, hope and restoration through Christ Jesus.

Our heart is:

To declare that God loves every individual beyond all measure as they are precious to him. To share the message of hope and restoration through Christ Jesus.

To draw together generations of women who will share our hearts and genuinely believe in each other’s ability to rise up with tenacity, dignity and strength. To encourage one another to know Him more, apply the truth of His word and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

To be women who ever perceive, ever desire and continually advance in widening our hearts to people in our own worlds, through knowing God’s heart, and acting on it with extravagant open hands.

Come Closer PoemWhy Come Closer?

The words ‘Come Closer’ sparked into life whilst I was driving in my car! Some friends and myself had decided to organise a breakfast to bring women  together who spanned across churches in the city I live in. We planned a women’s breakfast with only one problem, and that was what should we say that would encourage everyone. So, whilst driving in my car I asked God what HE wanted to say. The reply was simple – “Come Closer”.

When I got home I sat and wrote the Come Closer poem. (See opposite).The words just spilled out on the page. When I read them back I knew they were from God.
Read the poem yourself and see what you think. I hope that the words encourage, enrich and bring a revelation to your life about how much YOUR Father loves you beyond all measure.

Since then, we have raised funds for other charities both locally and globally.

Since Come Closer began I have understood the incredible value of having women in your world who genuinely encourage you. Who believe in your God given abilities to have an effect, and love you through the journey of life. That is why this website exists. It’s a small connection from us to you so that you know and understand YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This website represents a slice of our world to yours.,, So take a look… you never know it might just help.

We hope as you read the pages it will inspire you with passion, equip you with truth and move you to action

Thankyou for looking… Emma (Beaney) and all the Come Closer team.

The Come Closer Team

Who are the Come Closer team you ask? Well, look no further! Below are the names you need to know. We will be adding a bio for each of the team members (and pictures) shortly:

Emma Beaney* (Founder and Chair)

Birgitte Grace*

Deborah Gregg*

Chris Webb*

Vivien Brown*

Debbie Bowker

Gemma Mills

Pam Clarke

Anita Harrison

Claire Baines

*Come Closer Trustees

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