Blessing Parcels

At Come Closer we partner with local organisations to provide blessing parcels. This is both at Christmas time and throughout the year. The blessing parcels are designed to include essential hygiene items that an individual requires, and at Christmas time, some are luxury type of products, including makeup, jewellery and other small gifts.

Everyday Blessing Parcels


Come Closer has the absolute privilege of supporting MK Storehouse ( ). Our ‘Everyday’ Blessing Parcels, are gifted to MK Storehouse. In turn these are distributed to their clients. If you have not heard of MK Storehouse before, click the link to find out more.

Our ‘Everyday’ Blessing Parcels include toiletries and product essentials for men and women. So, we get to do this small but helpful part together. Isn’t that wonderful? By clicking on the link below is a shopping list of what it in each parcel.


To donate, either bring to a Come Closer meeting or join us on one of our packaging mornings (see below). Alternatively text/phone Emma Beaney on 07715382958 / email


We will periodically be having Saturday morning packaging mornings, where we get to come together and ensure that each parcel is wrapped up with care and made ready to be gifted.


Christmas Blessing Packages



At Christmas time we gift parcels to MK Act, The Food Cupboard, MK Storehouse and The Memory Cafe. In turn these are distributed to their clients in the hope that it will bless them. Our Christmas Blessing Packages have some additional touches for each individual.

For MK Act, we put together parcels:

  • For Women and Teen girls, each parcel includes a piece of sterling silver jewellery and some lovely beauty products.
  • For Teen boys, each parcel includes a small gift, (headphones are always good for the teen boys), along with some cleansing products.

For Mk Storehouse and MK Money Lifeline, we put together parcels:

  • For Women and Teen girls, each parcel includes lovely beauty products/makeup.
  • For Men and Teen boys, each parcel includes cleansing products/aftershave.