Come Closer

#13 – A Murmation of Pray-ers

Note: This is a written version of the word Deborah shared at the Come Closer November Online event. You can view this event on either our Facebook page, or on YouTube cannel (Go to 1 hour:12 mins).

On the Tuesday morning before the November’s Come Closer, I found myself praying, ‘Lord, when prayer and vision combine, you do remarkable things. Lord, increase my vision for prayer! Increase my faith!’

(I do like to pray big, fat, scary, brave prayers from time to time – don’t you?)

Then I went out for my daily walk to work (working from home at the moment, this is just a lovely little morning walk really, but I like to think of it as my commute!). And as I walked and prayed I was thinking of Come Closer, when I saw a beautiful murmation of starlings. I just love to see these – they are utterly mesmerising how they all fly together, swooping and changing form and direction.

I felt that’s what we are to be – as God’s praying women – we are a Murmation of Pray-ers.

We join together, pray for one another, support each other, lift one another up in the slipstream of God’s currents. We flow wherever the Spirit leads. We soar high, we swoop low. We gather close and bunch up; we stretch out and seemingly disperse for a time, only to gather again to form new, rippling, living, moving patterns. We circle round again, and again, and again, praying persistently, faithfully, boldly, beautifully, silently, loudly, always flowing where the Spirit leads us, in a beautiful, delightful dance in the skies, that brings glory to God and causes others to stop in their tracks and wonder at such a thing…

Oh Lord, may we ebb and flow in our prayers alongside one another as You lead us. May our prayers rise like incense before your throne. You are Sovereign, yet you know every thought before it’s even become a prayer. Thank you that You delight in us – this mis-matched vintage tea service, this Murmation of Pray-ers, as we follow you together.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

To reflect on this, you might like to prayerfully watch this short clip showing a stunning murmation of starlings. (I love how they always seem to swoop around to pick up and include again the few straggling ones…)

Praying for you, and with you.

Love in Christ,


PS If you need prayer, contact Emma or one of the team, and we’ll be in touch.

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