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We are currently looking for a new space to meet together following COVID. We’d love you to join us in prayer as we look to the future, trusting that God has gone before us.

Previous Come Closer connections:

From October 2021 to June 2022 we moved into Come Closer small groups, both online and in-person. These were great times of friendship building and sharing life together.

So what happened in the small groups :
First, for those meeting in person, we had a drink or for those joining a Zoom meeting, we brought a drink with us! Then, we simply relaxed for some uninterrupted time of laughter, encouragement and togetherness. Each month a short video was released, which would provide a focus of the month.

Cathy Madavan

Speaker Cathy Madavan shared from her recent book ‘digging for diamonds’ in what was a powerful morning. We leaned in and God did what only He can do.

Speaker Kelly Minter – Kelly lead us in worship and then encouraged and challenged us in reaching out to the poor, lost and least, which always leads us to the end of ourselves, but then ultimately to Jesus. She reminded us of where we have come from (the grace, power and wonder of salvation); and it is a common entry in God’s story!

Speaker – Rebekah Taylor – Rebekah spoke about the power fear can have over our lives. Read Rebekah’s blog here!

Speaker Birgitte Grace – This was a powerful message where Birgitte broke down the complex subject of the soul into bite sized chunks with brilliant visuals. Thank you Birgitte! We will never forget the bald hedgehog!

Speaker Emma Beaney shared some thoughts with us… “Be encouraged. God is so good, and wants you to come so much closer to Him. To rest in Him, to lean into Him. Let me encourage you to ‘pause’ and take steps over these coming weeks to give him the much needed ‘space’ in your life. I pray you will know His presence, His peace, His life and His altogether loveliness. He is faithful and His love endures forever. Love Emma “

Speaker: Cally MagalhãesWe were incredibly privileged and excited to have had Cally Magalhães speak at Come Closer. Cally is an absolute inspiration who runs the Eagle Project –  working on the streets and in the prisons of São Paulo – Brazil. The Eagle Project does amazing work, helping each individual rebuild a hope filled future.

‘MY STORY’ Evenings – These are evening where everyday women share something from their life stories. If you have been to a ‘My Story’ evening before at Come Closer, you’ll know this is not to be missed.

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