Come Closer

#3 – Taking Five to survive in Lockdown

I’ve seen so many posts recently about ‘What are you going to look like post lockdown?’ and to be honest girls, right now, I have no idea! At the beginning everyone seemed to be hyped to get involved with the Joe Wicks workout, setting up their pristine mini-classroom environments and putting on a bit of… Continue reading #3 – Taking Five to survive in Lockdown

Come Closer

#1 – A friend like no other

Hello Beloved One. How are you? The Come Closer team have been 'zooming' together and will be sending short encouragements in the weeks ahead, which we pray will strengthen you at this time. We'll use our website, Facebook group and Instagram page. If you have ideas of how we can help, let us know. By… Continue reading #1 – A friend like no other