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#3 – Taking Five to survive in Lockdown

I’ve seen so many posts recently about ‘What are you going to look like post lockdown?’ and to be honest girls, right now, I have no idea!

At the beginning everyone seemed to be hyped to get involved with the Joe Wicks workout, setting up their pristine mini-classroom environments and putting on a bit of makeup to slide beautifully on to zoom with a hair flick and a pop of lip gloss.

But girls we are nine weeks in! Nine! And it’s as much as I can do right now to switch my camera on in my zoom meetings without scaring the caller! I’ve seen pictures of decimated home classrooms and I am sure there are some of us on the sofa with a glass of something cold not even attempting the latest Wicks-athon.

We are in the season where the bowl cut is drastically coming back into fashion, DIY boredom is creating some ‘intriguing’ masterpieces and if we venture out to our daily walk we do so with the rest of the country.

Post lock-down? I’m trying to think about what I am looking like – mid lockdown!

So girls, I’m not asking what you are going to look like post lock down. But I really want to ask – how are you doing now? In the realness of all this, how are you coping? If there’s a time, more than ever, that we get to be vulnerable – it’s now.

This season is looking so similar and so drastically different for all of us in so many ways! I’ve no doubt some of us are facing emotions similar to that moment in Titanic, when Rose is hanging off the back of the ship saying ‘I’m standing in the middle of a crowded room screaming at the top of my lungs and no one even looks up!’

Covid19 has put us into self-isolation but it’s important we remember we are not isolated. It has brought us social distancing but doesn’t mean we have to cut our connection with one another, despite the distance we can still look out for one another.

So together, let’s recognise that we are in a stressful season. I know some of you are battered and bruised by loneliness, heartbreak, pain and worry. Others sit in anxiety as lockdown restrictions are lifted and numbers of Covid19 cases have gone up. I wish I could add some sense of certainty into the whole situation for you, I wish I knew times and dates of when this would end and when we would step into the next ‘normal’ season of life – sorry but I can’t.

I can however tell you this in certainty. It will end. But instead of looking at what we will be doing post-lockdown, how about we take a minute to think about the now. What can we do right now to help us day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute if necessary?

I think when the going gets tough, we need to take five. So here are five small things to remind yourself of and to help when lockdown-meltdown seems inevitable.

Reminder 1: Not everything makes sense right now and that’s okay.

For me in this season it’s been good to go to God and just acknowledge when I am struggling. Ladies, we are allowed to come to our Abba Father with all things including tears, anger, frustration, hurt as well as thankfulness, love and joy! So go to God with what is on your heart.

Jeremiah 29:11-12 says that God knows what is going on right now and he still has a plan for you and for your future. It also says – He listens!

Reminder 2: You are not alone and everyone’s not too busy to listen.

Girls, how often do we hold onto what we are feeling convinced that everyone else has their own things to deal with and you don’t want to burden them with how you are feeling too?

Remind yourself that we are all in the same boat and there is such incredible power and opportunity when we share how we are feeling! It allows someone else to say ‘me too!’ Knowing that we aren’t alone, even if we don’t find a solution to what’s going on, just walking together can be a comfort.

Did you know that when Jesus sent out the disciples in Luke 10 he sent them out in pairs – this in itself reminds me that it’s good to travel together, share together, pray together, work together and support one another. So as much as we can let’s reach out to one another so that we can hold each other up in prayer!

Reminder 3: Take a break.

If you’re overwhelmed by home school, zoomed out in meetings or even just tired. Take a break when you can. Nap when you can, doodle and dream, get a coffee, sit in the garden, implement extended playtime, play a game, have a giggle, make a snack – do something that gives you joy.

We can sometimes be so locked into the stress of getting things finished that we forget that we can get much more done when we balance what needs to be done with time to rest, have fun and build in playtime! So perhaps set aside a time each day where the electronics go off and the cake and crayons come out – but make sure not to mix them up!

Reminder 4: Be Encouraged.

My sister told me recently that she has put on her mirrors in the house words and verses of encouragement. I do the same in my room. It’s a great boost! The idea is to place these encouraging phrases and bible verses in spaces that you use most within the house so every time you go to that space you read them. For example, back of the loo door, mirrors, fridge door, back door and front door.

This is a great reminder activity to do with the kids too and if you’re feeling extra arty you can decorate them or even produce a set for another family to put up in their home to share the encouragement.

Here’s a few to get you started:

1 John 5:14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

Psalm 119:14 You are my refuge and shield; I have put my hope in your word.

Psalm 46:10 Be Still and know that I am God

John 16:33 I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.’ – Jesus

Psalm 3:3 But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.

Reminder 5: Make a little noise!

Whether you love to sing, dance, bop, toe tap or just soak up the sound a playlist can be a great way of getting through the day. Music can set an atmosphere of fun and excitement, worship and release, it can be healing and help you process. Just looking at the massive book of the Psalms you can see how David (and others) recorded worship lyrics to not just document how they were feeling but to bring praise back to God. They acknowledged the struggle, set it to music and that struggle became praise and worship.

There are some great tools out there already that can help you find your favourite music, Youtube and Spotify, to mention just two, help you create playlists and suggest other music you might enjoy!

And I’ll add this in as a bonus Remember we are praying for you!

Whatever we are looking at in the coming weeks girls let’s continue to journey together and encourage one another, there’s strength in numbers! Let’s remind ourself that our Abba Father God goes ahead of us and stands with us in all things.

Keep on keeping on ladies!

With much love


2 thoughts on “#3 – Taking Five to survive in Lockdown”

  1. Omg! Yes! I’m also not sure how I’ll look post lockdown but I’m so grateful that God has kept me from going crazy mid lockdown! I absolutely live the encouragement around the house idea; thank you for that! Much love girlie! ~Trish Rhneé

    1. Thanks lovely! So glad this was helpful! So much pressure right now around the end of lockdown and it’s so important to not lose ourselves in the now! ❤ xx Thanks for reading xx

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