Come Closer

#5 A reflection from the team

micah 6 v 8

A reflection from the Come Closer team…

The needless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on the 25th May, has left our hearts broken as we witness such injustice, which lingers deeply. We ache to find the right words. We mourn and stand alongside our black brothers and sisters and see their tremendous pain. We choose to humbly listen and be willing to learn.

As the Come Closer team, we commit to asking ourselves difficult and uncomfortable questions. To not move too quickly past our discomfort but to lament. We commit to prayer and lasting change, remembering and acting on Micah 6:8 –
‘He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God’.
Not justice and mercy that remains on social media, but also affects and infiltrates our everydayness of life. As we teach our children, and connect with families different from our own. As we gather in our churches and petition for change. We soften our hearts to learn more, love deeper and speak for those being oppressed. (Proverbs 31:8-9 (NLT)).

We humbly come before God on our knees and ask Him to search our hearts just as David prayed (Psalm 139:23-24). May God stir our nation afresh as we pray for racial reconciliation and healing to flow. For the church to speak out with wisdom and be the spiritual light in our nation. We commit to building God’s Kingdom unified, living stones built together, made in God’s image, precious in His sight. Loving one another, with the same love that we have so freely received, at such cost.

So we’re listening, willing to learn. We look fully to the One who is the light in the darkness, who moves on our behalf and is always at work. He is our Living Hope. Praying Father, heal our land…

A prayer for racial healing
To the Father of every family on Earth
To Jesus, the great Reconciler
To the Holy Spirit, healer of our broken hearts

Have mercy. We bow our knees before you.
Thank You that in your love, You bring sin into the light.
Forgive us, as a nation, for the darkness of racism that we’ve allowed to
exist in our cities, systems, neighbourhoods, and in our view of one another.
Have mercy. Carve humanity in our souls. Pour the oil of Your Spirit into our pain,
fear, and confusion. Today, empower us to move toward each other
in compassion, quickness to listen, and honour for the
sacredness of every image-bearing human being.

Give us courage to boldly uncover oppression, and grace to hear each other’s
pain regarding race. We reject both division and denial.
We reject the devaluing of human life. Father, You’ve given us the ministry
of reconciliation, and we cry out to You for guidance and steps to take.

Lord, awaken humble conversation between neighbours and friends
across this country. Wash our relationships with healing.
Rebuild trust that has been broken and protect our existing bridges of connection.
We join Your prayer in John 17 – Make us one with You.
Give us the endurance and commitment it takes to do the hard work of true unity.

Jesus, the One who knows our humanity, the One who weeps with us,
help us follow you on the narrow road of love.

(Author Unknown)

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