Come Closer

Hello from the team


Hello cared for one,

How are you? Please know the Come Closer team are praying for you. If there is anything you specifically would like prayer for, please let us know. You can email emma direct:

This last week has been incredibly challenging for us all as a nation, with each of us, including our children and young people, having to make significant changes. In an ever changing world, will you let us encourage you to look to The One who never changes. Let’s choose to draw strength from The One whose arms are strong and secure.

Scripture exhorts us to think on good things (Phil 4:8). Let’s choose to be wise women. If you need to, limit your access to the latest news to a few times a day. If limiting time spent on social media helps, do so. Be present today and ask the Holy Spirit to settle you. To cause you to be aware and alert to His promptings. Build yourself and your family up over this coming time and be rooted in Him.

To think on good things, there is no other place that gives life as God’s word. So, we wanted to let you know of some free online Bible studies available to you till June. Lifeway are giving access to a number of different studies to follow either through simply listening to the videos, or you can purchase the book to go with it, and study alongside. See the link below…

Emma and some of the other women have completed a number of Bible studies through Lifeway and they have proven valuable, giving growth both in knowledge and revelation.

So why not dedicate some time to deepening your knowledge and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal more of God.

Finally, let’s remember those two words ‘But God’. Whatever the circumstances we can say, But God. He is always at work and is very present with you today. He is Jehovah Shammah – The God who is Here and present. Not was Here, but is here. Today and all the todays to come.

Lean into Him sisters, and let’s lift up our shields of faith over one another, our families, loved ones, neighbours, communities, frontline staff and nation as we join together and continually pray.

We’ll be posting other helpful resources, scriptures, songs and good things to build oneanother up.

Much love,

All your Come Closer team



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