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Rest Ice-Breaker

If you talking on the subject of rest then this a great ice-breaker to get women thinking and talking together. I have done this and found that it allows everyone to centre their thoughts on the subject.
What you will need: A4 paper, A pencil for each women and some colouring pens

What to do:

  1. Give each woman a peice of paper, pencil and make the colouring pens accessible (this is a genuine moment where your women can colour and be creative!). Explain that you are going to be talking on the about the word ‘rest’ and that you have a little challenge for them.
  2. Say that the word ‘rest’ can mean different things to each of us. On their pieces of paper you want them to draw things they think about when they consider the word ‘rest’. Explain that ‘rest’ can mean different things to each of us.
  3. Give them some examples. For some, rest may mean being somewhere particular, it can be a feeling, it may just mean being asleep for the entire night, it may be a scripture from the bible that reminds them of rest, it could be a memory of when they felt the most at rest. Whatever images come to mind when they think about the word ‘rest’ you want them to draw on the paper.
  4. Put a time limit of 5 minutes to give things moving and give the women momentum to get going quickly. As they are drawing share what you would draw to help get their thoughts flowing! For me, I think about Psalms 23 and being by a meadow by water. I also love my bed and so I would draw that as well. I know one woman who drew herself laying on loads of feathers!
  5. After the 5 minutes, allow them to share their picture with a women next to them and tell them why they have drawn it. The results will be very interesting. Do this for 3 mins.

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